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August 14, 2022 – 12:52 am | 10 views

When I lived in California people complained that they missed the seasons. I always wondered about that. Having come from the East Coast, I often told them that if they were looking seasons, I could tell them exactly where to find it. They came to California for sunshine so why …

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Shabbos: The Theology

November 4, 2005 – 2:01 am | 2,516 views

A Testimony to G-d
The raw elements of the
universe that G-d created are for the most part non-utilitarian. G-d
created man and charged him with the responsibility of reshaping this
nature so that it would better provide for man’s needs.. From the
beginning of time men have struggled to manipulate the forces of
We …

Shabbos: The Experience

November 4, 2005 – 2:01 am | 2,099 views

The Highlight of the Jewish Week
“Six Days a week you shall
work and on the seventh day you rest”. Shabbos is a symbol of the
covenant between G-d and the Jewish nation. The covenant is enacted
through observing twenty-four hours of Shabbos rest (See section three)
For the Jew, Shabbos is a
day of complete …

Shabbos: The Rituals

November 4, 2005 – 1:57 am | 2,139 views


 We often refer to the day of Shabbos as “Shabbos the queen” or “Shabbos the
bride”. The underlying message is that Shabbos is a distinguished guest whom we
are honored to welcome into our homes.
The preparations for this honored guest are very extensive. Shopping and
cooking usually begins two or three days before …

Shabbos: Thirty-Nine Catagories

November 4, 2005 – 1:43 am | 2,084 views

Shabbos Prohibitions
It would be far beyond the scope of this essay to do justice to the intricate details of the Shabbos prohibitions. However, we will attempt provide a general overview of the categories of Melacha (work) that is prohibited on Shabbos.
The written Torah does not clearly delineate the individual types …

Shabbos: Rabbinical Additions and Enactments

November 4, 2005 – 1:34 am | 1,999 views

Our sages have instituted many additional enactments that help safeguard the original thirty-nine Melachos. There are two forms of protective legislation that our sages have put into effect concerning the laws of Shabbos.
A. Safeguarding the laws of Shabbos.
The first form of legislation is one that safeguards the biblical prohibitions of …

Mishpatim : The Six Year Bondsman

February 1, 2005 – 11:37 am | 5,236 views
the six year bondsman - innerstream

Automatic Liberty?
Our Parsha teaches that a Jew may be sold into servitude for six years but on the first day of the seventh year the slave is automatically granted full liberty. (1) This law evokes images of a spontaneous transformation from princess to pumpkin at the stroke of midnight. …

Yitro : A Protest of Orange Stars

January 29, 2005 – 5:51 am | 2,929 views
orange stars

A Controversial Decision
The Orange Revolution, a campaign orchestrated in 2005 by Jews in Israel to protest the forced expulsion of Jews from Gaza, advised Jews to wear orange stars on their arm sleeves as a duel symbol of solidarity with the Jewish communities of Gaza and of protest against the …