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October 16, 2021 – 9:48 pm | 38 views

Is “too perfect” a thing? Have you ever worried about being too perfect? Most of us worry that we aren’t perfect enough. But I know of at least one person who worried about being too perfect. Our collective grandfather, Abraham.
The Torah tells us that Abraham recovered from his circumcision in …

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Ki Teze: Earn Your Blessing

August 28, 2006 – 2:05 pm | 1,772 views
earn your blessing - innerstream

Content to Take
Inherent in human nature is the desire to make our own way in life. Constant dependence on the largess of others is abhorrent to us. How many children of Billionaires opt for a life of leisure and constant dependence? Most want to contribute to their parents business or …

B’har:Take Him at His Word

May 7, 2006 – 3:32 am | 1,990 views

A Promise
We are commanded in this week’s Parsha to take a Sabbatical, every seven years, from farming and gardening. The Torah explains that there are weekly Sabbaticals and annual Sabbaticals and that in observing this Sabbatical we honor G-d as creator of the world.

The Jewish Faith: G-d

November 6, 2005 – 5:01 am | 1,812 views


Jews believe in a single G-d. The very notion that there might be another deity is to the Jew, foreign and utter heresy.

The G-d that
Jews believe in is absolute in every way. Absolute in his unity,
absolute in his eternity, absolute in his capacity and absolute in his

This absolute
G-d is omnipotent. …

The Jewish Faith: A Chosen People

November 6, 2005 – 5:00 am | 1,713 views

The Jewish people

The Jewish
people are a unique nation. Our distinction is not due to major
accomplishment or extraordinary talent but our close relationship to
the Almighty.

Three thousand
and eight hundred years ago there lived a man by the name of Abraham.
As a young child, Abraham came to a full recognition of an all-powerful
and …

The Jewish Faith: The Torah

November 6, 2005 – 4:52 am | 2,035 views

A Means of Connection
In the Essay on
the Jewish people we have learned of the Jewish mission to bring
humanity to a state of unity with itself and with G-d. A natural
question presents itself. How are the Jews meant to bring about this
utopian age? Why do we believe ourselves to be equipped …

The Jewish Faith: Discipline

November 6, 2005 – 4:45 am | 1,744 views


Our sages taught
the formula for achieving this connection. A burning love for G-d and
intense feeling of awe are pre-requisites for the Jewish approach.
However, Jewish worship and service must begin with a simple but
conclusive discipline to the regiment of G-d and his Torah.

More than our
desire to cleave to him should be …

The Jewish Faith: Moshiach – The Messiah

November 6, 2005 – 4:41 am | 3,530 views

A Miraculous Time

The eager hope
for an imminent and expedient arrival of the messianic age has always
been a fundamental cornerstone of the Jewish faith. To understand the
reason for why the centrality of Moshiach we must first explain the
Jewish tradition of the messianic era.

Jews believe
that in messianic times the world will reach …