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October 16, 2021 – 9:48 pm | 38 views

Is “too perfect” a thing? Have you ever worried about being too perfect? Most of us worry that we aren’t perfect enough. But I know of at least one person who worried about being too perfect. Our collective grandfather, Abraham.
The Torah tells us that Abraham recovered from his circumcision in …

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Noach: The Power of Repentance

October 16, 2006 – 2:41 am | 2,128 views

A Patient G-d
Following the story line of our Parsha one discovers that G-d gave ample warning of the coming flood to the people of that generation. Noach was told to build his ark and collect his animals, for 120 years! The entire time he exhorted the people, pleaded, begged and …

Noach: Eternal Rays of Light

November 2, 2005 – 3:32 pm | 1,934 views
eternal rays of light - innerstream

The Sunset
Several years ago, I sat with my family at the shores of Lake Huron enjoying a picturesque sunset. The sun descended over the water in a spectacular ball of fire and painted the cloudless sky in deep hues of purple and red. Enchanted by the majesty of the moment, …

Noach: Heaven and Earth

October 2, 2005 – 12:36 am | 2,018 views

Regret and Comfort
G-d created man and then placed him on earth. But when man rebelled against morality G-d had second thoughts and brought about the flood. In describing these second thoughts the Torah uses the word “Vayinachem”, a Hebrew word that has two meanings, (a) he regretted, (b) he was comforted. …