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June 11, 2022 – 11:37 pm | 612 views

Off the derech means literally off the path. It is a common adage in observant circles to describe people who were once observant but had since taken a different path. It is so common that it has its own acronym in our acronym crazed days, OTD. It is not intended …

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Vayetze: Teffilin, The Bond of Love

November 12, 2006 – 12:54 am | 2,207 views
teffilin, the bond of love - innerstream

Cross Roads
Just before Jacob left his father in law, Laban’s, home, he fulfilled the Mitzvah of Teffilin, phylacteries. (1)

Vayetze: Modern Antisemitism

December 4, 2005 – 3:29 am | 2 Comments | 4,508 views
modern antisemitism

I recently entered a shoe repair shop and asked for a quote on a minor repair job. I was surprised by the relatively high quote and explained that I had never been quoted so steep a price. The proprietor asked if I was Jewish. When I asked him to explain …

Vayetze: Is Leaving Israel a Descent?

December 4, 2005 – 3:28 am | 2 Comments | 2,524 views
is leaving israle a descent?

To Haran
“And Jacob departed Beer Sheba and went towards Haran.” (Genesis 28, 10) When Abraham left Israel for Egypt the Torah characterized his departure as a descent. (Genesis 12, 10) Rashi explains that since Israel is the most exalted of all lands, all departures from Israel constitutes a descent. Why …

Vayetze: Stimulating Trials

December 4, 2005 – 3:12 am | 2,245 views
jewish strength

Jacob and Laban
This week’s Parsha describes our Patriarch Jacob’s journey from parents’ home to the home of his uncle Laban. This was a journey from a place of sacred purity to a pit of immorality and deceit. Understandably, it was a difficult journey.

Vayetze: Identifying the Beast Within

December 4, 2005 – 3:08 am | 1,901 views

The Commercial Enterprise
Our Patriarch Jacob grew wealthy through his cattle enterprises. He first raised a great flock of sheep. He sold the sheep and purchased oxen, sold the oxen and purchased camel, sold the camel, and purchased donkey, sold the donkey and purchased valuables.

Vayetze: A Prayer for Life

December 4, 2005 – 3:01 am | 2,368 views
a heart stopping reunion - innerstream

How Do We Survive?
Our sages tell us that our forefather Jacob’s journey from B’er Sheva to Charan is symbolic of the daily journey made by the soul. For a Jew, every morning begins with prayer and Torah study. Pretty soon however, this period of the day comes to a close …

Vaytze : The Night is for Jacob

November 19, 2004 – 5:16 am | 2,474 views
the night belongs to jacob - innerstream

Our patriarchs, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov established a rite of prayer that is followed to this very day. Avraham coined the morning service, Yitzchak the afternoon service and Yaakov the evening service. (1)
In prayer we draw divine energy into our environment and ourselves. Every day progresses through three stages, …