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January 30, 2012 – 8:34 pm | 2,581 views

The Freedom App
Writing an essay has never been more difficult. In the past you could seclud yourself in a corner with pen and paper and let your mind flow. Now we sit at computers connected to the internet. The strain of concentration wears the brain and we are tempted constantly …

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Korach: Losing on Both Ends

June 18, 2006 – 6:06 am | 1,868 views
Taking out Trash

Korach Had His Reasons
In this week’s Parsha we read about the infamous Korach. Korach was smart, rich, and powerful. He was also a rebel. Worst than a rebel he was a jealous rebel. His rebellion was nearly successful and G-d found it necessary to stamp out his rebellion in the …

Korach: Unity is Paramount

June 18, 2006 – 6:01 am | 1,924 views
Jewish Unity

A Unique Punishment
Korach was a rebel. He was the prime movement behind a effort to depose Moses and Aaron. For his efforts he was severely punished; he and his followers were lost in a sudden earthquake that literally buried them alive.

Korach: Misguided, but Passionate

June 18, 2006 – 5:58 am | 2,002 views

Brass Pans
Korach led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron. They brazenly performed the rite of incense offering, a rite reserved only for the high priest. They were punished, but the brass pans they used in their misguided offering was salvaged. G-d instructed that they be utilized as a covering to …

Korach: Frigid Divisiveness

January 12, 2006 – 4:15 am | 2 Comments | 4,483 views
frigid divisiveness innerstream

Apathetic Frostbite
The Baal Shem Tov taught that a Jew must utilize every encounter to gain inspiration inhis or her divine service. One winter day, the Baal Shem Tov’s students noticed a cross engraved in a sheet of ice and asked their rabbi what inspiration might be derived from a cross. …