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July 22, 2018 – 9:48 pm | 7 views

The link between past and present is critical to Judaism. Without a past, we don’t have a present, and won’t have a future. Judaism exists today only because every past generation chose to absorb its predecessors’ teachings and transmit it to their successors. Had only two or three successive generations …

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Naso : The Priestly Blessing of Love

May 18, 2005 – 1:42 am | One Comment | 
the priestly blessing innerstream

The Ritual
If you have ever been to the Synagogue during the Priestly blessing, you know it is a celestial experience. The Kohen removes his shoes, approaches the podium his fase hidden behind his prayer shawl. He extends his hands towards the congregation, fingers parted and palms stretched outwards, he awaits, …

K’doshim : Exclusive Dedication

May 6, 2005 – 3:35 pm |
exclusive dedication innerstream

Sanctity and Dedication
Our Parsha begins this week with an anomalous command for an anomalous reason. “Sanctify yourself,” the Torah instructs us,
“for I am sanctified.” (1) How does one sanctify oneself? and what exactly is the Torah referring to when it tells us that G-d is
sanctified? Furthermore, why does the fact …

Passover : Moses – The Executive

April 19, 2005 – 5:08 am |
the executive - innerstream

The Achilles Heel
Friends of mine, who are blessed with a wonderful marriage, have recently confessed that money is the  Achilles heel of their relationship. From the very beginning, he has always wanted to save and she has always wanted to spend. (They thought they were alone, huh?)

Shmini : Foundation of the Law

March 29, 2005 – 11:46 pm | 2 Comments | 
foundation - innerstream

It was a festive day. After months of preparation and seven days of training the priestly family was anointed. They donned the sacred vestments and inaugurated the sacrificial rite. Aaron, the High Priest, climbed to the top of the altar and offered up a sacrifice whereupon G-d’s presence descended upon …

Purim : The Inebriated State

March 23, 2005 – 10:26 pm |
the inebriated state - innerstream

Holiday Revelry
My earliest Purim memories are joyous. Festive gatherings and celebrations were held in the synagogues while jubilation and dancing dominated the streets. Young and old, rich and poor, celebrated side by
side; jovial, reveling and genuinely happy.

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Every Day is Mother’s Day

February 23, 2005 – 4:02 am | 3 Comments | 
Innerstream.ca Torah Insights into Life And Jewish Practice

Every Day is Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day
When I was growing up my mother discouraged Mother’s Day gifts by saying, “in our home every day is mother’s day.” Until recently I didn’t understand her rationale. Why wouldn’t she accept a day of honor in addition to our year-round love?
In a similar vein …

Ki Tisa : A Golden Intermediary

February 20, 2005 – 9:47 pm |

The Dilemma 
It was a tense moment. Moses had climbed mount Sinai and had promised to return in forty days. It was now the fortieth day and there was no sign of his return. The people had been skeptical about his survival on the mountain with no food or water …