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June 4, 2023 – 8:25 pm | 2 views

Do you tend to live in the moment or in your head? When we go on vacation, we always see people experiencing beautiful vistas through the camera’s lens. They want to record the moment for posterity. But they are inside their head, not in the moment. To be in the …

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Mishpatim: Throwing Indecent Stones

February 7, 2010 – 4:09 am | 2,428 views

Among the pantheon of laws enumerated in the Torah there are many that appeal to human reason and intuitive sense of right and wrong. Law abiding societies would have promulgated these laws even if the Torah would not. Yet, it is important for us to realize that even when the …

Ki Teze: Victimizing The Rape Victim?

August 23, 2009 – 4:32 am | 2,273 views
victiminzing the rape victim - innerstream

Is it true that the Torah requires rape victims to marry their rapists and the only punishment to the rapist is a fifty Shekel fine paid to the victim’s father?

Vayera: Abraham’s Plea

October 20, 2006 – 3:42 pm | 2,435 views
victiminzing the rape victim - innerstream

Cruel and Unusual
Value systems differ from society to society, but we all agree that murder of innocent people is unconscionable. Why is it wrong to take a life at whim? Why are we against killing for sport? Well, that’s a ridiculous question, isn’t it? Anyone who doesn’t already know the …

Sh’lach: Kosher for an Hour

June 11, 2006 – 12:08 pm | 2,318 views
kosher for an hour

The Odd Interpretation
Our Parsha tells a story of twelve agents sent by Moshe to Israel. The Torah testifies that they first embarked with noble intentions despite their later submission of a negative report, which drove the nation to despair. In Rashi’s words, “they were kosher at that hour.” Why does …

Mishpatim: A Tale of Two Perspectives

February 10, 2006 – 8:03 pm | 1,877 views
victiminzing the rape victim - innerstream

Murder and Peace
“If a man should act against his fellow to kill him with guile, from my altar shall you take him to die”. Why does the Torah speak of taking the murderer from the altar? The altar is known as an instrument of peace but if a murderer seeks …