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October 16, 2021 – 9:48 pm | 38 views

Is “too perfect” a thing? Have you ever worried about being too perfect? Most of us worry that we aren’t perfect enough. But I know of at least one person who worried about being too perfect. Our collective grandfather, Abraham.
The Torah tells us that Abraham recovered from his circumcision in …

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Vayechi: Leave No Word Unspoken

December 27, 2009 – 3:21 am | 1,963 views
leave no work unspoken - innerstream

Eternal Regret
A common regret expressed by bereaved family members are the words that were left unspoken. I remember one man, whose father passed away at a younger age than most, who regretted not having expressed his love for his father more frequently. I recall another whose loved one passed away …

Beshalach: Love of LIfe

February 1, 2009 – 2:30 am | 2,700 views
for love of life - innersream

Red Sea
An entire nation had narrowly escaped; the army of murderers, bearing down on them just a moment earlier, now drowning in the ocean. G-d had orchestrated a brilliant rescue. Jews stood huddled on the far shore watching their captors toss helplessly about on the surging waves of a plunging …

Matot Masei: Purposeful Living

July 8, 2007 – 4:44 am | 6,130 views

The purpose of wealth is power, the purpose of power is freedom and the purpose of freedom is what?  There must be  more to life than just this. But if there is, what is it?

Ki Teze: Asylum for Those in Need

August 20, 2006 – 2:29 am | 1,622 views
asylum for those in need - innerstream

A Timeless Message
This week’s Parsha teaches us that we are morally obliged to grant asylum to those who flee persecution. “You shall not turn over to his master a slave that has been rescued from his master to you” (Deuteronomy 23,16).

Shoftim: Dying for Life

August 20, 2006 – 2:03 am | 2 Comments | 2,493 views
dying for life - innerstream

A Horrible Dilemma
A little boy steps into the path of an oncoming train. The child can be rescued, but the rescuer would likely forfeit his life. How do the parents decide who should die to save the child and should should live to raise him?

Rosh Hashanah and January First

November 2, 2005 – 3:23 am | 2,005 views

Remarkably Different
The Rosh Hashanah celebrations differ greatly from those of the secular new Year. The first of January is a time for parties, Rosh Hashanah is welcomed with sounding the Shofar, somber prayers, and sobering thoughts.