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May 20, 2022 – 8:00 pm | 60 views

Minyan is a quorum of ten and it is a Jewish tradition to pray with a quorum. In fact, the holiest parts of prayer, the sanctification of G-d’s name and the chanting from the Torah, may only occur in the presence of a minyan. We believe that our prayers have …

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Ki Teze: Why Usury is Forbidden

August 19, 2007 – 1:57 am | 2,033 views
whhy usury is forbidden - innerstream

Usury is not inherently wrong. On the contrary, it is critical to the conduct of business . Usury encourages banks to extend mortgages and loans, it enables entrepreneurs to establish or expand their  business and it enables ordinary people to purchase homes and automobiles.

B’har:Take Him at His Word

May 7, 2006 – 3:32 am | 2,166 views

A Promise
We are commanded in this week’s Parsha to take a Sabbatical, every seven years, from farming and gardening. The Torah explains that there are weekly Sabbaticals and annual Sabbaticals and that in observing this Sabbatical we honor G-d as creator of the world.

Ki Tisa: The Money Trap

March 13, 2006 – 5:24 am | 1,896 views
money trap - innerstream

Forgetting G-d
Moses was atop Mount Sinai, but he was slated to return the day before. When he failed to return on the designated day, the people worried that G-d may have taken him. They feared that he might never return and asked Aaron to create a new material G-d. (1)

Beshalach: Heavenly Bread

January 29, 2006 – 5:17 am | 1,821 views
heavenly bread - innerstream

Two Loaves of Manna
Every Shabbos table boasts a goblet of wine and two loaves of bread – Challah. Why do we have two loaves of bread? Our Parsha teaches that, in the desert, G-d gave our ancestors a daily portion of Manna. On Friday he gave them two portions, one …