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May 12, 2021 – 11:12 pm | 2 Comments | 165 views

Israel is on fire this week and we live in an age where this cannot be denied. Footage of skies filled with rockets fired maliciously into densely populated neighborhoods, flood our social media accounts daily. Our brethren live in shelters and too many have been struck. The iron dome is …

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Vayelech: All For The Boss

September 10, 2014 – 6:43 pm | 1,780 views
all for the boss - innerstream.ca

Three Messages
I always say that it’s better to work for G-d, than for man. Man pays a higher salary than G-d, and every Rabbi can attest to that, but when you need the money and G-d is your boss, G-d always comes through.

Nitzavim Vayelech: The Key is Education

September 18, 2011 – 4:31 am | 1,752 views
the key is education - innerstream

Returning The Keys
When the marauding Babylonian army broke into the Temple they found priests going about their sacred duties in ecclesiastic devotion. Some prepared meal offerings, others stoked the altar’s flames, yet others inspected logs to ensure their perfection. Outside the battle raged, but inside, the worship continued without distraction.

Vayelech: Students or Contributors?

September 6, 2009 – 3:24 am | One Comment | 2,314 views
learn for yourself - innerstream

End Of An Era
The Torah is G-d’s book, given in complete form to Moses, subject to neither addition nor subtraction. Yet many questions were left unaddressed in the written Torah and later sages resolved them through independent analysis. This leaves us with a question, are we recipients of the Torah …

Vayelech: Food for Thought for your Dinner Table

September 28, 2008 – 2:30 am | 1,576 views
food for thought - innerstream

Sunday: Where Did He Go?
The first words of our parshah, “And Moshe went and spoke to the sons of Israel.” Where did he go? Taking into account that this parshah is read between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur the commentaries suggest that he went to inspire Jews to repent. No …

Nitzavim Vayelech: Genuine Growth

September 10, 2006 – 4:52 am | 1,691 views
genunine growth - innerstream

To Tell or Not To Tell
On the first day of school, hoping to impress the class with his experience, my brother’s teacher listed the many schools where he had taught over the previous decade. One boy , dully impressed, but not quite in the way the teacher had hoped, wondered, …

Vayelech: Concealment Within Concealment

September 3, 2006 – 7:50 pm | 1,492 views
concealment - innerstream

A Double Phrase
“And I conceal I shall conceal my face on that day because of the evil that he (the nation) did and because he (the nation) turned to foreign G-ds.” The Baal Shem Tov taught that by doubling its words, conceal I shall conceal, the Torah implies concealment within …

Vayelech : Why We are Here

October 6, 2005 – 5:51 pm | 1,651 views
why we are here - innerstream

A Perfect G-d
The High Holiday liturgy marks Rosh Hashanah as the anniversary of creation, a good time to ponder the meaning of creation and of life. (1) Was there a purpose? Does this purpose endow our life with meaning?