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May 25, 2024 – 10:48 pm | Comments Off on The Real You19 views

Michelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
The essence of every Jew is a beautiful perfect soul. It is unmarred by ego, immaturity, insecurity, obsession, or any other form of human weakness. This beautiful soul, more pristine than the angel in …

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B’chukotai: Are you a Diehard Jew?

April 28, 2013 – 4:00 am | Comments Off on B’chukotai: Are you a Diehard Jew?4,842 views
diehard - innerstream

Do it For G-d
Are you a fair weather fan or diehard? Growing up in Boston I knew all about Diehard fans. Fenway Park is legendary for romanticizing terrible teams and losing seasons. Fans fill the stands for hopeless contests with the same enthusiasm they muster for sure winners. I’ve never …

Purim: G-d Wants To Be Chosen

February 26, 2013 – 3:48 am | Comments Off on Purim: G-d Wants To Be Chosen4,995 views
to be chosen - innerstream

The Happiest Day of the Year
Purim is arguably the happiest day of the year. I say arguably because it is in close competition with Simchat Torah, the day we complete our annual reading of the Torah. I am not sure which is happier, but I will say this, if they …

Matot Masei: Israel and the Jews

July 17, 2012 – 6:26 pm | Comments Off on Matot Masei: Israel and the Jews3,380 views
Israel and the Jews - innerstream

What Is It?
What is it with Israel and the Jews? Take me for example; my family hasn’t lived in Israel for centuries. In fact I don’t how far back I need to trace my family history to find my roots in Israel. I’ve lived in North America all my life, …

B’har: Unity in Action

May 7, 2006 – 3:55 am | Comments Off on B’har: Unity in Action2,445 views
unity - innerstream

 Shemitah and Sinai
Our Parsha outlines the laws of shemitah, agricultural sabbatical. “Six years you shall sow your crop and on the seventh the field shall lie fallow.” During the seventh year all produce that grows spontaneously must be equally shared among all people. There may be no private ownership of …

Shavuot: Sinai and Beyond

November 2, 2005 – 3:32 am | Comments Off on Shavuot: Sinai and Beyond2,739 views
Shavuot and beyond

Ascent and Descent
Shavuot is the holiday that celebrates the Torah, Mt. Sinai and the Ten Commandments.  In conjunction with this holiday, the Jerusalem Talmud declares, ”Up till this point there was a separation between heaven and earth. The time had come to undo this separation, the heavens would descend to …