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Perfection is not part of the human experience; in fact, perfectionism is usually unhealthy, but perfection is part of the Divine experience. And here is the surprising truth. At your very core, in your most essential state of being, you are a sliver of the Divine. This means that the …

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YOM KIPPUR: A Day at Shull

Submitted by on October 9, 2005 – 1:23 amNo Comment | 2,831 views

Droves of people, through the aisles, in a seemingly endless stream. They have gathered for a special occasion; it is an evening of repentance, an evening of devotion and perhaps most importantly an evening of commitment. For this is the holiest of Jewish holidays, it is the evening of Yom Kippur.

Quietly, they shuffle, from all walks of life. Some find a seat, some a place to stand. Men don prayer shawls, women head coverings. Sounds of prayer can be heard throughout.

Dusk falls, the Rabbi approaches, a hush settles over the congregation. Quietly, slowly, he chants the ancient words, “Kol Nidrei”. Hum along, listen attentively; the haunting melody envelops in a somber cloak of repentance. Glistening tears, a gasp, a sigh, soft sobbing about the room.

Yom Kippur brings us together, brings out the best in us. Even those who don’t usually attend, are here today. It stirs the mind, awakens the soul, inspires the heart to return.

On this day the “Neshamah” (Jewish soul) talks directly to G-d; it hears, it is heard. This day motivates us to revisit our heritage, rejoin our tradition. At least for one day; steps retraced, returned to roots, we are whole again.

May the Almighty heed our prayers. May he grant a happy, healthy year. May he send the ultimate redemption. Amen