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October 17, 2020 – 11:34 pm | 21 views

“Let us make a name for ourselves,” was the motto of the building campaign for the tower of Babel. It was several hundred years after the great biblical flood had laid waste to humanity and the people wanted something grandiose to celebrate. The ten survivors that had emerged from the …

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Articles in B’Midbar Parshah

B’midbar: Food for Thought for Your Dinner Table

May 25, 2008 – 3:19 am | 1,502 views
food for thought - innerstream

 Sunday: Exalted Names
In the first census of the Jewish nation each family was identified by name, “By the count of their names.” In the second census the tribes were identified, but the families were not. The first census occurred shortly after the Exodus and the generation that left Egypt was …

B’midbar Forward Vision

May 13, 2007 – 4:08 am | 2 Comments | 3,956 views
forward vision innerstream

Hair-Raising Drive
A friend of mine and his father were driving in the dead of night on a treacherous mountain road with razor-sharp curves and sheer cliff drops. His father seemed oblivious to the danger and drove along nonchalantly. When he inquired as to his father’s nonchalance, his father replied, “my …

B’midbar: Celestial Formations

May 21, 2006 – 3:10 am | One Comment | 2,738 views
celestial formations - innerstream

Around the Tabernacle
They traveled together, a single mass of two million people moving slowly through the sands. Each tribe precisely positioned, each group in perfect formation, their footsteps marked the desert.

B’Midbar : The Counting Paradox

May 21, 2006 – 3:09 am | 1,338 views
counting - innerstream

To Count or not to Count?
In this week’s Torah reading, (1), we read, in detail, about one of the several censuses taken of the Children of Israel in the years following their Exodus from Egypt.

B’Midbar: A Question of Numbers

May 14, 2006 – 4:21 am | 1,923 views
numbers - innerstream

A Small Tribe
In this week’s Parsha we read that Moshe took a census of the nation. A quick scan of the numbers shows the tribe of Levi to be the smallest, with only twenty-two-thousand members. By way of comparison, the other tribes had anywhere from thirty to more then one …

B’Midbar Shavuot: Shavuot and the Desert

May 14, 2006 – 4:20 am | 1,175 views
transforming our desert - innerstream

Seeking Inspiration
This weekend we will celebrate the last Shabbat before Shavuot. Since Shabbat is the source of blessing for the following week it is fitting to reflect upon the upcoming holiday during the course of this Shabbat.

B’Midbar: Everyone Counts

May 14, 2006 – 4:18 am | 1,401 views
everyone counts - innerstream

The Census
During the forty years of our ancestors’ journey across the dessert their census was taken a total of four times, one of which is recorded in this week’s Parsha.