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What I Learned from the Eclipse

Submitted by on August 22, 2017 – 10:10 amNo Comment | 5,626 views

Yesterday we were treated to a rare phenomenon, the eclipse of the sun. Scientists and laypeople alike were fascinated by the sudden visibility of the sun’s splendorous retina; the periphery that peeked out from around the moon’s perimeter.

The periphery is not usually visible because we are blinded by the sun’s core, however, we learned yesterday that the sun’s periphery is hotter than its core. Scientists, we were told, do not know the reason why this is so and hoped to learn more about it through the data they collected during yesterday’s rare and sustained eclipse.

The Baal Shem Tov taught that whatever occurs in life should serve as a metaphor for life and as a lesson about life’s purpose–the serving of our Maker.

In life, we are forced to concentrate our attention on what lies in front of us. But, there is much beauty and profound lessons that can be absorbed when we take in our periphery. We are surrounded by wonderful people who live exemplary lives, we are surrounded by many opportunities to touch others and be touched by others in kindness. We are surrounded by the miracle of nature and its majestic awe-inspiring grandeur.

Life has so much to offer, when we stop and take it in. We need to make time to eclipse the urgency of our obligations and the gravity of our timelines to take in the wonders on our periphery.

Find that quiet elderly person whose life experience and wisdom can become your guide. Find that child, whose life you can impact and mentor. Find that Mitzvah that you never saw coming. Breathe in G-d’s air, smell G-d’s flowers and absorb the miracle that is life.

Sometimes we are so busy living it, that we forget to appreciate it.

The eclipse taught us to stop and make time.