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Giving is the secret to happiness. People who think they can be happy from taking or even receiving quickly learn how wrong they are. Do you think Vladimir Putin will be happier if he takes Ukraine? Well, ask him if taking the Crimea made him happy. If he were happy …

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Passover: Journey Forth

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Four Schools of Thought

As our ancestors stood poised before the Red Sea, an argument broke out and in true Jewish fashion there was more then one school of thought. The Midrash describes the four different schools of thought that prevailed. (a) Fatalism – Let’s drown ourselves in the sea (b) Desperation – Let’s surrender to Egypt (c) Bravery – Let’s do battle with Egypt (d) Piety – Let’s pray to G-d.

With the following verses Moshe responded to each of the schools. (a) “Do not fear, Stand fast and you will see the salvation of G-d.” (b) “As you see Egypt today, you will not see them ever again” (c) “G-d, will do battle for you” (d) “And you shall remain silent”.

What then were our ancestors to do? The answer comes in the very next verse. “G-d said to Moshe, Why do you cry out to me? journey forth - innerstreamTell the children of Israel to journey forth!” Don’t, cry, don’t fight, don’t surrender and don’t give up, just execute the mission.

Time to Move Forward

Imagine the following scenario. You have undertaken a noble and good project, to pay for your Neighbor’s child Torah education, to do the shopping for your mother every week, to join prayer services or a Torah class every day. You now find yourself faced with an obstacle and are unable to continue.

You search for solutions but can’t seem to find one. What can you do? More importantly what should you do? The answer is clearly provided in this Torah passage.

You have undertaken a project for the sake of G-d, as our ancestors have at the Exodus from Egypt. An impassable obstacle stands before you and an onslaught of variables prohibit your alternatives, as has happened to our ancestors at the Reed sea. The time has now come for you to throw your caution to the winds and place your trust in your loving father in heaven… exactly as our ancestors did. “And the children of Israel journeyed forth into the ocean.”

Despite your doubts, despite your misgivings, despite your certainty that you cannot succeed, move forward and place your faith in G-d. You have made a resolution in good faith. G-d has changed your circumstances and you have maintained your good faith. You have searched for solutions and have not found them? That is not reason enough to give up your good faith.

Move forward, and somewhere, somehow, G-d will provide the ability to succeed.