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Every year, the world gears up for the Superbowl, and even people who don’t follow football take an interest. Somehow, the NFL has captured the imagination of the masses; the show, the glitz, the contest, and the party combine to make it an entertaining evening.
The fans see the final product. …

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Life Cycle: Birth

Submitted by on November 4, 2005 – 2:48 amNo Comment | 2,117 views

a child into the world is the greatest blessing that G-d has bestowed
upon mankind. When we give birth, we form a partnership with G-d in the
act of creation.

In birth we
become a part of creation ex-nihilo, creating something out of nothing.
A fetus that simply did not exist before has suddenly come into
existence through a miraculous act of G-d.

Furthermore, the
process of giving birth is also our opportunity to tap into eternity.
The child will one day procreate on his/her own, we are starting a
chain that can eternally recreate itself. For one fantastic and
beautiful moment we are able to reach out and touch the infinity of the


Every year we
celebrate and relive this miracle on our birthday and on the birthday
of our children. We make a party for family and friends and invite them
to celebrate with us.

A birthday is
like a private Rosh Hashanah before G-d. On this day we take stock of
our actions and behavior of the previous year and take on positive
resolutions for the year to come. In this way we display our gratitude
for the miracle of life and for G-d’s daily presence in our life
through the countless miracles that he performs for us every day.