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Would you rather earn a meager salary or be a kept man or woman and live in luxury? Most people like to live in luxury, but not at the price of their self-image and soul.
Reflecting on our early history, G-d lovingly proclaimed to Jeremiah (2:2), “Go and call out in …

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Bereishit: Free Choice

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Is He Really There?

“In The Beginning G-d Created The Heaven And The Earth”. These words have sparked many arguments over the years, both theological and philosophical. Monotheism versus atheism, creationism versus evolutionism, religious over secular; a potpourri of choices are laid out before you and you are free to choose.
Wait! Have you read the last line? Is G-d something to choose, as one would, say a pair of pants in the morning? If I choose G-d then he exists if I don’t then he magically disappears? What happens if I change my mind mid-course? Are we saying that I can destroy or resurrect him by whim of choice? Furthermore, what does G-d think of those who destroy him, at least in the domain of their own minds?
Yet here we see the greatness of our creator. When he created us he almost thoroughly concealed his presence from the universe he created. Even theologians are unable to prove that he exists. One may argue it, one may even believe it, but one will never empirically prove it. This universe was made by G-d in a manner that does not reveal his existence.

Faith Must Come From Within

Why did he make it so? He wanted every human being to live under the illusion that the choice is real. free choice - innerstreamHe wanted us to think that atheism is a viable option. He wanted us to come to recognition and acceptance of him through the strength of personal deduction and faith. He wanted this faith to be accomplished from within rather then influenced by events outside. He wanted this faith to come from below rather than shepherding us to it from on high.


This constitutes great humility on the part of G-d. By doing so he eliminated every vestige of credit for himself while continuing to provide for those who deny him. But it is also a great kindness. For by virtue of concealing himself he has given us the opportunity to chart our own course, to pilot our own destiny.
If we succeed we can credit our self and reap the well-deserved reward. If we fail we can blame ourselves and repent for it accordingly.
Let us learn from G-d the secret formula of humility; the one that seemingly lead us away from greatness and fame but actually brings us closer to it. Let us learn from G-d the secret formula for success; to take personal responsibility for our own successes yet allow our children co-workers, family and friends to take charge of their own.