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B’Midbar: Everyone Counts

Submitted by on May 14, 2006 – 4:18 amNo Comment | 2,717 views

The Census

During the forty years of our ancestors’ journey across the dessert their census was taken a total of four times, one of which is recorded in this week’s Parsha.

While it is common practice for governments to order a census taken of their people a question arises when G-d orders the census. Doesn’t G-d already know the total number of Jewish people? Does He truly need Moses to discover it for Him?

Everyone Counts

My dear friends, a census only provides numbers not descriptions of individual characters.

Some Jews are more gifted then others, some Jews are more faithful then others, some Jews are more learned then others. But it is not our faith, knowledge, talents or gifts that motivates G-d’s love for us. No my dear friends, it is our status as his children.

When we stand up to be counted our individual talents and gifts are not significant, they fade into the background. Every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation, is a single unit. No one counts for more, and no one counts for less.

Every Jew, regardless of training or position, is considered an absolute unit. We each contribute equally and completely to the total sum at the bottom of the page.

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