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Among the Jews who left Egypt, there were many artisans with special skills. When it was time to build the Tabernacle, they all came forward. The goldsmiths and silversmiths, the weavers and spinners, the builders and carpenters, the blacksmiths and chemists all volunteered their services.
The Torah makes specific mention of …

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Eikev: Infertility of the Soul

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Spiritual Infertility

If we keep G-d’s commandments our Parsha promises that we will be, “the most blessed of nations: there will be no infertile man or woman among you” The Midrash teaches that all physical phenomena have a parallel in the spiritual realm. What is the spiritual parallel to infertility?

A Lack of Deeds

The Talmud tells us that the offspring of righteous people are their good deeds. This means that it is not possible to be pious in theory alone, piety and righteousness in the heart must give rise to good deeds.
Imagine, if you will, a person who strives with every fiber of his being to be righteous. He studies Torah, prays, meditates, and reflects, but try as he might, it does not affect his behavior and he remains neither righteous nor inspired. This is the frustration of spiritual infertility.

Seeking Help

What can one do to cure this predicament? As in physical illness there are two steps. First step we remove distraction and all negative influence.  Next we turn to the fertility specialist to seek professional input.
The specialist in this case is G-d.