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February 24, 2024 – 9:34 pm | Comments Off on The Real You Is Perfect66 views

Perfection is not part of the human experience; in fact, perfectionism is usually unhealthy, but perfection is part of the Divine experience. And here is the surprising truth. At your very core, in your most essential state of being, you are a sliver of the Divine. This means that the …

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Mishpatim: The Baby’s World

February 15, 2009 – 4:07 am | Comments Off on Mishpatim: The Baby’s World6,008 views
picture of happy mother with baby over white

Early Months
The moment my daughter emerged from the womb and took in her new surroundings was magical for us as parents. We were enamored with her and clutched her close to our hearts, but she was oblivious. She never acknowledged her parents, she simply slept. Over the last few days …