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May 18, 2024 – 10:56 pm | Comments Off on Are We Equal?8 views

Are we truly equal? We all know someone smarter, wiser, more capable, industrious, resourceful, or creative, than us. We also know people less wise, capable, industrious, resourceful, or creative than us. So, are we truly equal?
The answer is yes, but not because we are all equally capable. Our skill sets …

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Toldot: Clutching the Heel

October 25, 2006 – 8:50 pm | Comments Off on Toldot: Clutching the Heel2,563 views
clutching the heel - innerstream

The Birth of Twins
They had assembled to help Rebbecca through her difficult labor. This was not an ordinary delivery, there were twins in her womb. Not ordinary twins either, these twins were engaged in a bitter rivalry that began the moment they were conceived. Their continuous bickering had given their …

Naso: The Choices we Make

June 5, 2006 – 1:51 am | Comments Off on Naso: The Choices we Make2,871 views
the choices we make - innerstream

Show Me the Money
If I set two plates before you, one filled with cookies, the other with a million dollars, which one would you choose? Consider the benefit you and society could derive from the money. Contrast that with the short term pleasure and long term belly-ache that the cookies …

Beshalach : Opt for the Mitzvah

January 19, 2005 – 8:25 pm | Comments Off on Beshalach : Opt for the Mitzvah2,848 views
opt for the mitvah - innerstream

He Won A Different Kind of Race
It was a 200-meter race and the contestants gathered at the start line were anxiously anticipating the starting gun. Yossi had trained for months and was confident in his ability to win. At the crack of the gun Yossi was off and quickly established …