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Would you rather earn a meager salary or be a kept man or woman and live in luxury? Most people like to live in luxury, but not at the price of their self-image and soul.
Reflecting on our early history, G-d lovingly proclaimed to Jeremiah (2:2), “Go and call out in …

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Family Life: Abortion

Submitted by on November 6, 2005 – 3:45 amNo Comment | 2,512 views

Jewish view on an unborn fetus is the following. An unborn fetus has an
intermediate status of life. It is not yet considered an independent,
and therefore never takes precedence over the mother’s life. Neither is
it considered to be a non-life, thereby prohibiting the indiscriminate
use of abortion.

There are
specific instances when abortion is Halachickly permissible depending
on the age of the fetus, the status of the fetus and the health of the

In all these matters one should consult a rabbi long before considering abortion as an option.