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Perfection is not part of the human experience; in fact, perfectionism is usually unhealthy, but perfection is part of the Divine experience. And here is the surprising truth. At your very core, in your most essential state of being, you are a sliver of the Divine. This means that the …

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Nitazvim: Questions Without Answers

Submitted by on September 3, 2006 – 7:51 pmNo Comment | 3,279 views

Hidden Problems

“That which is hidden is for G-d our Lord but that which is revealed is for us and our children eternally, to carry out the words of this Torah”. The Torah instructs us not to worry about problems that are not in our purview. What kind of problem is the Torah referring to?

Don Issac Abarbenel understood this verse as an observation on the length of the Jewish exile. How long is it meant to last? The answer to that question is hidden and we therefore have no business seeking it. We may await the redemption with baited breath but never waver under the pressures of our long exile.

There are many questions that are in the purview of the divine. We are permitted to ask them, but cannot demand an answer. We must, however, remember that just because G-d has chosen not to reveal it doesn’t mean that there is not a valid answer.

Questions without answers are valid questions, but not having an answer is a valid response.