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Michelangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”
The essence of every Jew is a beautiful perfect soul. It is unmarred by ego, immaturity, insecurity, obsession, or any other form of human weakness. This beautiful soul, more pristine than the angel in …

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Emor: The Joys of Restriction

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Soft Tones

In this week’s Parsha we are told of the many restrictions that were placed upon the Kohanim. (Priestly family) They may not attend funerals unless the deceased was a direct relation. Their choice of spouse is also restricted. But in instructing Moshe Rabeinu to convey the news of these restrictions Moshe was told to use the word “Emor”, which means to speak softly and in a loving tone.

A Calling of Love

Moshe could have underscored the restrictive and prohibitive aspect of these laws and thus engender unhappiness amongst the Kohanim, but he didn’t. Instead he chose to communicate G-d’s message of love. He taught them the immense qualitative value of being drafted into G-d’s service.
He explained that a Kohen rises to a higher plateau and that at this level of calling it is unbecoming to live freely, outside the structure of G-dly life. A Kohen is capable of more.

Care to Call?

This also speaks to the many Torah laws that seem restrictive in nature. We can either resent G-d for these restrictions or love him for caring. Married people are encumbered, when they travel; they must take always call home and report their whereabouts. Unmarried people are free, they may roam where they want and no one bothers them. No one bothers them that’s true, but that’s because no one cares enough to bother
G-d cares. Aren’t we lucky?

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