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June 8, 2024 – 11:29 pm | Comments Off on The Ultra Orthodox Draft40 views

Amid Israel’s war in Gaza, there is talk of drafting yeshivah students into the army to bolster its ranks. On Shavuot, we celebrate the anniversary of receiving the Torah, so I want to write about the role of Torah in war. The Torah is not just a dusty old book …

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Vayakhel: Imperfect Devotion

March 19, 2006 – 3:36 am | Comments Off on Vayakhel: Imperfect Devotion3,245 views
imperfect devotion - innerstream

Last in Line
Have you ever attended a Bar Mitzvah where dinner was served buffet style? I really dislike those dinners and here is why. When the buffet is set out I examine the mouth-watering display and a battle rages within me about which treats I can afford to eat. By …

Ki Tisa: The Money Trap

March 13, 2006 – 5:24 am | Comments Off on Ki Tisa: The Money Trap2,653 views
money trap - innerstream

Forgetting G-d
Moses was atop Mount Sinai, but he was slated to return the day before. When he failed to return on the designated day, the people worried that G-d may have taken him. They feared that he might never return and asked Aaron to create a new material G-d. (1)


Terumah: Beyond the Call of Duty

February 27, 2006 – 3:22 am | Comments Off on Terumah: Beyond the Call of Duty2,729 views
beyond the call of duty - innerstream

Asking for Help?
As a rabbi in a small community, I am often approached by congregants, who need to recite the Kaddish, for help with Minyan recruitment. Before I respond to the call of duty and agree to recruit, I always ask the congregant to go beyond the call of duty …

B’har: The Power of What

January 12, 2006 – 4:07 am | Comments Off on B’har: The Power of What2,369 views
the power of what innerstream

Farmers in Israel are instructed by Torah to work their land for six years and to let it lie fallow on the seventh. When all the fields in a country are permitted to lie fallow for an entire year would that nation not face a very real risk of famine?


Toldot: What Is In A Name?

December 4, 2005 – 2:52 am | Comments Off on Toldot: What Is In A Name?2,453 views
what is in a name - innerstream

Jacob and Esau – Twin Brothers
We are told that Esau, the older brother, physically mature at birth. The Hebrew name Esav means ‘finished’, or complete, indicating that he completed his growth process. Jacob, the second son, emerged in hot pursuit with his tiny hand tightly clasping his brother’s heel. The …