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June 8, 2024 – 11:29 pm | Comments Off on The Ultra Orthodox Draft40 views

Amid Israel’s war in Gaza, there is talk of drafting yeshivah students into the army to bolster its ranks. On Shavuot, we celebrate the anniversary of receiving the Torah, so I want to write about the role of Torah in war. The Torah is not just a dusty old book …

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Vayikra: Humble Gratitude

March 22, 2009 – 3:47 am | Comments Off on Vayikra: Humble Gratitude2,693 views
humble gratitude - innerstream

The AIG Scandal
After accepting a one-hundred-and-sixty-billion dollar bailout from the United States Government, American Insurance Group distributed more than a hundred-million dollars in bonuses and retention fees to its employees; a move that infuriated the congress and the American Public.


Chukat: The Nature of a Leader

June 15, 2007 – 11:31 pm | Comments Off on Chukat: The Nature of a Leader2,386 views
strike the rock innerstream

Ordinary events are to ordinary people, well, just plain ordinary. The supernatural, now that is extraordinary. Miracle workers are different. To them, the natural is astounding and the supernatural is  routine. How do I know? A miracle worker told me so.


Tzav: Total Devotion

March 25, 2007 – 4:18 am | Comments Off on Tzav: Total Devotion2,815 views
the size of a sacrifice - innerstream

The Burned Offering
Our ancestors offered many kinds of sacrifices. Peace offerings, sin offerings, guilt offerings and also burned offerings. What is a burned offering? An offering that is burned in its entirety upon the altar.


Vayishlach: In Fear of his Brother

November 12, 2006 – 1:00 am | Comments Off on Vayishlach: In Fear of his Brother2,800 views
in fear of his brother - innerstream

He was Worried
Hey, brother, can you spare a nickel? A penny or a dime? Jacob didn’t waste his time with such requests. His brother wanted to kill him and Jacob was desperate. He was afraid. He sent messengers asking, “Esau, can you spare a little love?” (1)


Noach: The Gravity of Piety

October 24, 2006 – 12:58 pm | Comments Off on Noach: The Gravity of Piety2,648 views
the gravity of piety - innerstream

One Righteous Person
When the world is filled with unscrupulous men, what can one righteous person accomplish? Well, that depend on what he set his mind to do. Abraham motivated and uplifted those around him. Noah, well what did Noah do? Noah let them die. Actually, he didn’t just let them die, …

Ki Tavo: Serving in A Selfish World

September 3, 2006 – 8:03 pm | Comments Off on Ki Tavo: Serving in A Selfish World3,050 views
making it relevant - innerstream

Father and Son
After a long and agonizing separation, Jacob and Joseph were finally reunited at the ancient gates of Egypt. What did the loving father do at that moment? Did he embrace his son and release his pent-up tears? No, he recited the Shema, proclaiming his faith in G-d.


Naso: Who Is the Misfit Anyway?

May 28, 2006 – 4:12 am | Comments Off on Naso: Who Is the Misfit Anyway?4,223 views
misfit - innerstream

A Deeper Meaning
The first verse of this Parsha, tells us to “raise the head of the tribal family Gershon”. In addition to the simple meaning of the words, “raise the heads,” which means take a census; there is a deeper meaning that lies submerged beneath the text. With a little …

Emor: Demonstrating Confidence

May 11, 2006 – 3:45 pm | Comments Off on Emor: Demonstrating Confidence2,752 views
is Asceticsm jewish innerstream

Fortuitous Beginnings
Our Parsha begins with the many restrictions placed upon Kohanim, the priestly class.

They are forbidden, with rare exceptions, to attend funerals lest they become ritually impure. They are restricted in whom they may marry. They are forbidden to shave or to mutilate themselves. This is because they have an …