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May 18, 2024 – 10:56 pm | Comments Off on Are We Equal?8 views

Are we truly equal? We all know someone smarter, wiser, more capable, industrious, resourceful, or creative, than us. We also know people less wise, capable, industrious, resourceful, or creative than us. So, are we truly equal?
The answer is yes, but not because we are all equally capable. Our skill sets …

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Devarim: Do You Love G-d or Youeself?

July 31, 2011 – 3:37 am | Comments Off on Devarim: Do You Love G-d or Youeself?2,987 views
do you love G-d or yourself - innerstream

What have We Learned?
It is nearly two-thousand years since the Holy Temple stood as a glorious testament to G-d on the Temple Mount. It was ransacked and razed by a marauding mob that cared little for the nuanced relationship between the human and G-d. As the Temple smoldered in the …

Vayeshev: Restoring The Neighborhood

July 17, 2009 – 8:41 pm | Comments Off on Vayeshev: Restoring The Neighborhood2,882 views
restoring the neighborhood - innerstream

The Celebrity
Imagine yourself living in a nice neighborhood where a well known celebrity chooses to make his home. Property values rise and for the first while you enjoy the distinction; you go out of your way to make the celebrity feel welcome. But time passes and the aura wears off. …

Devarim: When Crying is not Enough

July 15, 2007 – 3:02 am | Comments Off on Devarim: When Crying is not Enough3,659 views
when crying is not enough - innerstream

Emotional Death
“Rabbi,” he wailed, “my wife of seventeen years has just passed on and I cannot live without her.” This cry pierced me to the core. I empathized and soothed in every way I could. In the end, the words that resonated with him were, “Don’t compound your wife’s physical …

Ninth of Av: A positive Perspective

July 16, 2006 – 4:01 am | Comments Off on Ninth of Av: A positive Perspective2,839 views

Past and Future
During the upcoming Hebrew month of Tamuz, Jews around the world will observe a three-week semi mourning period marking the destruction of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
It has been close to two thousand years since the destruction of the Temple and every year on this day Jews …

Days of Mourning

July 16, 2006 – 3:54 am | Comments Off on Days of Mourning2,826 views

A Kind Suffering
The Hebrew word Chessed, kindness, has a numeric value of seventy-two. Kabbalah teaches that the last seventy-two days of the Hebrew calendar year are permeated with Chessed, divine benevolence. This period begins on the seventeenth day of the Hebrew month, Tamuz.


Tishah B’av:The Silver Lining

July 16, 2006 – 3:42 am | Comments Off on Tishah B’av:The Silver Lining7,202 views
silver lining - innerstream

Asaf’s Perspective
On the ninth day of the Hebrew month Av, we fast and mourn as we mark the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash in the year 69 CE. A story is told of Asaf, a Levite and the choirmaster at the holy temple. He was renowned for his music and …

The Three Weeks: An Overview

November 6, 2005 – 3:22 am | Comments Off on The Three Weeks: An Overview2,621 views

10 Tevet

There are a
series of fast days that commemorate the destruction of the holy
Temple. The first one falls on the tenth day of the Hebrew month of
Tevet. This fast begins at sunrise and ends at nightfall.

On this day the
Babylonian army laid siege to the holy city of Jerusalem. The siege
lasted …

It’s been Two Thousand Years Can We Still Be In Love?

November 12, 2004 – 3:41 pm | Comments Off on It’s been Two Thousand Years Can We Still Be In Love?2,940 views
its been two thousand years can we still be in love - innerstream

On Sunday, the Ninth of Av in the Jewish calendar – we commemorate the destruction of our ancient temple in Jerusalem which was destroyed in the year 69 of the common era. Jewish history is largely comprised of two segments namely, pre and post Temple destruction The first era is …