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The Jewish Sole

November 5, 2022 – 10:02 pm | Comments Off on The Jewish Sole1,464 views
jewish soul

Have you ever heard of a Jewish sole? Not a Jewish soul, a Jewish sole. No, I am not talking about a fish, nor am I not talking about a sole individual. I am talking about the undersurface of a Jew’s foot.
On two occasions, the Torah tells us that G-d …

Chanukah: A Love Fest

November 28, 2010 – 4:13 am | Comments Off on Chanukah: A Love Fest3,097 views
a love fest - innerstream

The Arithmetic of Light
Every Jewish child masters the Chanukah arithmetic long before graduating from kindergarten. We light one candle on the first night, two on the second, three on the third, till we reach night number eight. In fact every child takes special pleasure in kindling their very own Chanukiah. …

Vayakhel Pekudei: Ritual With Passion

March 7, 2010 – 12:50 am | Comments Off on Vayakhel Pekudei: Ritual With Passion2,694 views
ritual with passion - innerstream

The Conundrum
I have a friend, a brilliant intellectual, who does not suffer fools lightly. From time to time I invite him to Synagogue and he reminds me that he does not have much tolerance for those who make too much of ritual and pay little heed to its underlying philosophy.


Ki Tisa: The Money Trap

March 13, 2006 – 5:24 am | Comments Off on Ki Tisa: The Money Trap2,685 views
money trap - innerstream

Forgetting G-d
Moses was atop Mount Sinai, but he was slated to return the day before. When he failed to return on the designated day, the people worried that G-d may have taken him. They feared that he might never return and asked Aaron to create a new material G-d. (1)


Bo: Battling Complacency

January 29, 2006 – 4:49 am | Comments Off on Bo: Battling Complacency2,797 views
battling complacency - innerstream

D Day
On June 6, 1944, allied forces launched a major assault against occupied France along the coast of Normandy. In the initial phases of the landing, American forces suffered heavy casualties on Omaha Beach. Communications with headquarters was scant because many radios were either lost in the Channel or destroyed …

Korach: Frigid Divisiveness

January 12, 2006 – 4:15 am | Comments Off on Korach: Frigid Divisiveness4,868 views
frigid divisiveness innerstream

Apathetic Frostbite
The Baal Shem Tov taught that a Jew must utilize every encounter to gain inspiration inhis or her divine service. One winter day, the Baal Shem Tov’s students noticed a cross engraved in a sheet of ice and asked their rabbi what inspiration might be derived from a cross. …