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October 16, 2021 – 9:48 pm | 38 views

Is “too perfect” a thing? Have you ever worried about being too perfect? Most of us worry that we aren’t perfect enough. But I know of at least one person who worried about being too perfect. Our collective grandfather, Abraham.
The Torah tells us that Abraham recovered from his circumcision in …

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Family Life: The Mikvah

November 6, 2005 – 4:05 am | 2,066 views

Water from the Garden of Eden
Immersion in a Mikvah, a ritual pool of water, releases man from
his imperfect state. When we emerge from the Mikvah we are reborn; the
imperfections and impurities of the past evaporate and we are permeated
with a fresh sense of renewal.

The Torah tells
us of a river that …

Family Life: The Spiritual Dynamic

November 6, 2005 – 4:05 am | 1,758 views

Perfection Lost

The laws of family purity prohibit intimate relations during the menstrual cycle and for several days following. To appreciate the spiritual dynamic of these restrictions we must first understand the spiritual dynamic of menstruation itself.
Any discussion on menstruation must begin at the beginning. We must return to the source …

Famil Life: Laws of Family Purity

November 6, 2005 – 3:51 am | 1,949 views

Disclaimer: There are
myriads of laws that govern the many dimensions of Family Purity and
they are beyond the scope of this presentation. The intention here is
to to offer a brief glimpse of the Family Purity life style.
During the period of menstruation husband and wife should refrain from intimacy together.

After a …

Family Life: Family Planning

November 6, 2005 – 3:46 am | 1,612 views

Torah commands us to be fruitful and multiply. As long as a family
plans to have even one child they have fulfill their obligation to this
Mitzvah. Some commentators feel that one must have a son and a daughter
before one is considered to have fulfilled this obligation.

However, Jewish
tradition has always encouraged large …

Family Life: Abortion

November 6, 2005 – 3:45 am | 1,680 views

Jewish view on an unborn fetus is the following. An unborn fetus has an
intermediate status of life. It is not yet considered an independent,
and therefore never takes precedence over the mother’s life. Neither is
it considered to be a non-life, thereby prohibiting the indiscriminate
use of abortion.

There are
specific instances when abortion is …

Family Life: Divorce

November 6, 2005 – 3:44 am | 1,842 views


In its ultimate
wisdom, the Torah understood the need for Get (Hebrew for divorce) in
human life. One must realize that a marriage made according to the
Torah can only be annulled by Torah. Conversely, a Get executed
according to the Torah can only annul a marriage made by the Torah.

Couples who
choose to …